Delta Zeta Dreamin’, Delta Zeta Livin’

By Ansley Hagenburger, Delta Zeta Vice President of New Member Education

The best experiences are ones you always swore you’d never do. You know, the kind that were never what you thought you wanted, but end up being everything you actually needed. That’s how it was for me living in my sorority house. I always said there was no way I could live in one house with over 30 other girls. That is way too much estrogen and way too much screaming, peppy energy.  Little did I know it was far from that assumption, and much better than what I imagined.

Let’s get one thing straight. If nothing else, living in your sorority house is the best just because of its convenience. You don’t have to drive to campus (you’ll just sweat like a gorilla walking up there, but we deal with it). Since we get our meals at the house, there’s no need to put on a bra to get food. You just walk downstairs in all your beauty, whether you just rolled out of bed or came from work. Not to mention the leftovers, which we always have first dibs on! As sad as it is to admit, there were many times that I scavenged around for extra pizza, paninis and anything sweet that was leftover. Shout out to our chefs; they definitely know me on a first name basis.

As cliché as it is, the most significant parts about living in the sorority house are


the ones you share it with and the memories you make. There were girls that I didn’t know before living in the house, and now, I get to call them some of my best friends. See, when there are endless closets to borrow clothes from, someone always needing their hair done and tons of shoulders to cry on, you become friends pretty quickly. There is always someone to study or watch a movie with, go on a Target run with, or get Cookout milkshakes with. Sure, as someone who needs her alone time, it’s not always easy being surrounded by people who want to hang out and chat. But I don’t regret those moments for the world. From playing Super Mario Bros to late-night chats about life, every memory I have there is cherished.
For someone who was apprehensive about living in their sorority house, boy was I wrong! It’s this experience that has made me feel even more a part of my sorority and truly pushed me out of my comfort zone. No doubt, by the end of the year, everyone was ready to go back to having a room to themselves and some peace and quiet. But, between tearful goodbyes, I think we all wished we had a few more days there. Luckily for me, I don’t have to wait because I get to do it all over again next year! With different people and personalities, it’s bound to be a completely different experience. But I bet it will be just as memorable and just as life changing as the first time.


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