5 Things you Wouldn’t Expect about Sorority Life at University of South Carolina

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Philanthropy is SO important

We don’t mess around when it comes to philanthropy. Most chapters raise tens of thousands of dollars with bi-annual events like male pageants, paint wars, wing eating contests, lip sync battles, 5Ks and more! We fundraise year-round with percent nights, when a restaurant donates a percentage of a day’s profits to a chapter’s philanthropy. We send hundreds of women from the Panhellenic community to these events to increase the percent of revenue donated towards the cause! Each chapter is extremely passionate about their cause and happy to talk about how their philanthropy touches lives. We work all year to make sure we do our part to support and bring awareness to our cause.

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Our chapters love each other

What do you normally see in movies about Greek life? Fighting between chapters? Catty looks towards women wearing other letters? Competition to hang out with frats? (See the next point about the whole frat thing!) Spoiler alert: NONE of this is true!!! Our 13 chapters are equally hardworking, driven, confident and talented. There is no “top tier” or “bottom tier” chapter at our school. We support each other by attending each other’s philanthropy events, applauding each other’s accomplishments, sending baked goods to each other’s houses during exam week and raising funds for our Panhellenic philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood. Some of your best friends will be in other chapters. We learn from each other and grow together as one Panhellenic sisterhood.


Fraternity Men Aren’t a Given in the Sorority Experience

This is another thing the movies get wrong. At USC, fraternities and sororities don’t exclusively “hang out.” Some chapters pair up for philanthropy events if they support the same philanthropy to increase the amount of money they can raise. During Greek Week and homecoming, Panhellenic sororities are paired with both fraternity men and sorority women from the Interfraternity Conference, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council. Fraternity men don’t have to be a part of the sorority experience. The most exposure you’ll have to fraternity men is on your own individual terms! You’ll make friends with members of fraternities and sororities across all four councils. At USC, sorority life is what you make of it. You can talk to and hang out with whoever you want!

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Sometimes, you’ll get frustrated

It’s important to be honest about the commitment level required to be a Panhellenic woman and a good sister. Between philanthropy events, functions, weekly chapter meetings, sisterhood events, intramurals and more, your calendar will be full of amazing memories! …But what about homework? Tests? Dance Marathon? The school newspaper? Cleaning your apartment?!?!….. It’s important to practice good time management and stay on top of your responsibilities. It’s easy to take on too much and be faced with having to scale back later on in the year. Instead of dropping an activity or flaking on an event, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you make a commitment.

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You get a leg up

Being a part of a sorority at USC means access to THOUSANDS of connections, leadership positions and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The nature of being part of a social sorority makes it easy to become friends with women from so many backgrounds and areas of talent. Your sisters will go on to be in the top of their field, giving you a place to go for help, advice or even an internship or job! Not to mention, studying is so much easier when you can ask your sisters in the same major for help. You can sharpen your skills further by running for a leadership position in your chapter. Are you a master photographer? Run for photography chair! Do you love event planning? Help plan sisterhood events on a committee! There are so many places where your skills will be needed in your chapter – these opportunities are great for a resume and give you experience in the real world!

Ok, time to break the 4th wall here and tell you how true this really is. As VP of Public Relations for Panhellenic, my experience running social media, designing marketing materials, writing and more has been invaluable. When I interviewed for PR internships, my work for Panhellenic set me apart from others and I ended up as a PR Manager for a technology company. Thanks to my connections and leadership experience in the Panhellenic community, I landed an amazing internship that gives me a leg up in my efforts to break into PR!


There are so many ways that sorority life at USC breaks stigmas about Greeks. Sign up for recruitment here and don’t forget to follow our social media for more info and tips!

Instagram: @uofscpanhellenic

Twitter: @USC_Panhellenic

Facebook: University of South Carolina College Panhellenic Association

Pinterest: USC College Panhellenic Association



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