Secrets from the “other side” of Panhellenic recruitment

Nervous for recruitment? Don’t know what to expect? Wondering what the chapter women recruiting you are thinking? Look no further than this guide to secrets from the “other side” of recruitment!


We’re eager to meet you

We’ve been waiting all year for this! If it seems like we have a lot of energy, we do – we’re excited to finally meet the girl bosses, future leaders and potential sisters of the next pledge class! We realize it’s difficult to put yourself out there and we appreciate that you’re willing to take the time to get to know our members, values, and community.


We’re nervous too

We’re trying to make a good impression on YOU! We want to open our sisterhood to more kind, confident, witty women who will bring their unique talents and energy to our chapter. We’re looking for sisters who will support our philanthropy like we do. We want to share our every experience with you to show how amazing a sisterhood can be. The new pledge class will be made of our littles, grandlittles, future bridesmaids and confidantes. Recruiting new members is a big deal for us, so we have butterflies in our stomachs too!


This takes a lot of effort

The decorations. The songs. The outfits. It all takes work! We spend months preparing for your arrival. I promise you we didn’t show up to the house wearing the same exact thing without careful planning! Don’t be intimidated – we did not wake up like this. We put effort into recruiting because it matters to us. You and your experiences are important to us, no matter where you decide to call home. Keep in mind that even though we’re putting our best foot forward, we’re not faking anything. We’re being authentically ourselves so that you can find a sisterhood that best fits you!


No matter what sisterhood you end up in, we still want to be friends

As we’ve talked during the rounds of recruitment, we’ve come to know and adore your personality. We genuinely love stories and conversations about values, friends, family, pets, emotions and everything in between! Recruitment is an intimate process where you get to know others better than you thought you could in just a matter of weeks. We want you to know that after the recruitment process, whether or not we’re sisters, we want to be friends!


We sympathize with you

We remember the ups and downs, the waiting, the long days and the hot weather. We welcome you into the air-conditioned houses with love! We appreciate active participation, authentic conversations and an open mind even if you may only be running on a few hours of sleep. It takes work on your side to walk into every house with a positive attitude. We’ll be patient with you along the way as long as you’re patient with us and the process!


“Trust the process” is REAL

On that note, make no mistake: pi chis, friends, and other mentors will tell you to trust the process and they’re right! There is no such thing as a “top tier” or “bottom tier” sorority. We’re just a group of close-knit sisterhoods that value authenticity. There is no way you’ll end up in the wrong place as long as you’re being your genuine self with every chapter. There will be days where you get a list of chapters back and you’re disappointed, but keep in mind that the sisterhood you belong in will always be on that list. Let the thought of the opportunity to meet amazing women and future sisters put you in an optimistic mood before you get your day started!


We’re excited for you

Recruitment is exciting! Finding your family and home away from home is an experience you’ll cherish forever. Along the way, you’ll make lasting friendships with pi chi groups and chapter members no matter where you end up! We remember what recruitment was like for us and how good it felt to run home on bid day. We’re excited for you to bring new perspectives and friendships to our chapters and we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your time with us.


Got questions? We have answers! Tweet us on Friday, June 8th at 1pm EST @USC_Panhellenic with #AlanaAnswers and Alana Tyler, the Panhellenic VP of Recruitment, will respond!


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