Some Friendly Competition…

Written by Taylor Palmer


Delta Delta Delta and FIJI

In my opinion, one of the most amazing things about the Greek community at USC is how we come together to make a change when we tackle a problem. When we stand together, anything is possible.

University of South Carolina College Panhellenic Association is proud to call Circle of Sisterhood our council’s philanthropy. Founded by fellow Panhellenic woman Ginny Carroll, Circle of Sisterhood’s purpose is to provide women and girls across the world with access to quality education. Many do not have access to education simply because of their gender- sound familiar? That’s because sororities were founded for the very same reason in 1800s America! It makes sense that motivated, college educated women, like those in sororities, should be involved with the cause.


Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Psi and Phi Kappa Tau

Our council is contributing by raising funds to build a school in Senegal, Africa this


Alpha Xi Delta

December. How do we fundraise? By hosting a friendly competition! On Sunday, April 8, sororities and fraternities paired up to participate in the Circle of Sisterhood Powder Puff Flag Football tournament! The prize? Bragging rights and $200 toward the organizations’ philanthropies. The game was ON.

After four hours of tough competition and a snack break with food from sponsors like Marco’s and PDQ, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha WON the tournament. They faced tough competition from Kappa Kappa Gamma and Theta Chi, who came in a close second. When all was said and done, event organizer Darby Nugent, Panhellenic VP of service, said we raised $1,300 for Circle of Sisterhood, all of which gets donated to the Senegal school fund! Thank you to all who came out to support Circle of Sisterhood. We look forward to hosting more events as a council to better the world together!

Learn more about Circle of Sisterhood here: 




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