Trusting the Process (And Your Instincts)

“Trust the process” is a phrase women planning on going through recruitment hear so many times it starts to lose meaning the more you hear it. I started hearing it from my mom’s friends long before recruitment began and it continued all the way through preference round. “Trust the process and you’ll end up in the right place for you.”

You will meet amazing women during every round. Every chapter is full of exceptional friends, leaders and role models. But you will never know the inner workings of a chapter, the character of the sisterhood or the genuine feeling of home within its walls until you become part of it. As a northerner, I came down here with absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing about the houses, I was in awe of every single woman I talked too and I was completely torn on how I was ever going to figure out where was right for me. Every time I voted, I second guessed myself. Every time I got a list back, I worried I had made the wrong decision. The girls living in my dorm confidently knew where they wanted to go and what houses they wanted to join.

Despite the sacred rule, we talked about our lists. We discussed which houses we got back, which ones we wanted back. I was almost too embarrassed to participate given how it seemed I knew so little about sorority recruitment and how I truly found every house amazing. Sitting on my dorm floor, I finally confessed which houses I wanted back. When I shared this, my suite mate said “Oh, I pictured you in another chapter.” I worried that I made the wrong choice. Anxiously awaiting pref, I was relieved to see Gamma Phi on my list. I went to two amazing, eye opening preference ceremonies. Finally, it came to voting. For the first time, I was confident in my responses, putting Gamma Phi at the top of my list.

It wasn’t the number one for that girl on my hall, for my sister, my mom or a multitude of other PNM’s, but it was the number one for me and the incredible women I now call my sisters. I would’ve never ended up where I am, as happy as I am, if I had trusted anyone but myself (and the process).

– Meg Fitzgerald, Senior, Gamma Phi BetaScreen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.32.06 PM


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