Welcome to our house!

Many of our sisters would argue that there aren’t many things that are better than the Kappa Delta house. For our chapter, the house is the hub of all things KD! It’s where we eat meals, hold meetings, have study hours, practice for Greek Sing and Spurs and Struts, hang out with our friends, watch the bachelor, and SO much more!

Living in is just one of the ways that our sisters choose to take advantage of our beautiful home. Our house is suite-style, so that means that you live in a room with one other sister, and then share a bathroom with two others! Some of our favorite things to do include studying out on the back porch, watching the beautiful Columbia sunsets from the front balcony, hanging out with our sweet house mom, Mem, and of course, pranks.

Pranking is not a rare occasion in our house. Some of our favorites have included dressing up like a gorilla and running into other rooms and putting one of our sister’s bed on the front balcony. Whether it’s pranking, carving pumpkins, or riding bikes around Greek Village- our sisters know how to have fun.

One of our favorite weeks at the house is Big/Little week. You can go into anyone’s room and see canvases, t-shirts, and KD letters everywhere! Often times, sisters will take their things into their friends’ rooms to craft together. Then, when it’s time for the littles to pick up their baskets, the bigs line them up around the upstairs hallway. You can feel the excitement in the air as the clock strikes 5 and the littles can come and get their presents!

Holidays are so fun at the house, as well. For Halloween, we decorate our house and participate in “Trick or Treat with the Greeks” where families come to trick or treat in Greek Village. For Thanksgiving, our kitchen staff makes a Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas time is our favorite, however. Our house mom, Mem, decorates the house top to bottom. We decorate the Christmas tree together, and all make holiday door signs for our doors while listening to Christmas music and drinking Apple Cider

Whatever it may be, the Kappa Delta house seems to make it more fun. Getting the chance to live with 34 of your sweet sisters is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We love the KD KDSTLE!!!

By: Ann-Marie Erny, Kappa Delta




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